Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rainy Running

The title pretty much sums up the last few days of running. Although, this morning's run was really fun, in spite of the constant rain, Cheryl and I had during our 10 mile run through the LR RiverMarket area/Rivertrail. We even stopped to take each other's picture when a line of ducks crossed the road. My new shoes got some mud/wear of them, but that's ok!!! We were both just very happy to have gotten the run in because it was crappy pretty much all day.

Ben and I spent Friday afternoon looking at various places for landscaping ideas. I'm flying my Dad out in May and he's going to help me re-plant the existing flowerbed and I'll be creating a new one. Cheryl was nice enough to lend her assistance when I dig the new flowerbed, so I'll be putting her to work next weekend! I would this coming weekend, but I have my monthly Drill weekend. I need something that won't die because I'm really don't have a green-thumb!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legs, Legs, And More Legs

Wow, seems lately all I've been working are my legs, and hardcore! I mean, we all work our legs, but what's giving me a swift kick in the you-know-what are days in Andrea's class when we do legs, and the increase of hill training I've been doing to prepare for Nashville. These babies are sore!!!! All I have to say is I better have killer legs and a tight booty after all this work!!!!!

Marathon training is going good. For the past 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks I'll average 61-66 miles per week. Then, taper begins. Last Saturday was a very hilly course (Rhaling Rd), in which Cheryl was kind enough to run w/me. And I owe her a big Thanks because that wasn't an easy run!!! But, I felt accomplished at the end since I was able to run (slowly, though) up the long and steep Rhaling Rd hill. And, many other smaller ones during that entire run. I hope she wants to do it again (well, not right away though!!). I'm glad the weather is getting warmer, I was really starting to dislike the cold. Now, if only this darn wind would calm down!!! Over the next week or so, I really need to decide on my marathon pace. When I do my long runs (15+ miles) I tend to stay in the range of 10:30-10:45 and I feel comfortable. I do have some bouts of 9:40-9:50 when I feel good, but that only comes and goes. Should I put myself w/the 4:45 pace group??? The 5:00 group??? Help!!!

I have about one month of school before the semester ends. Sure went by fast. I decided to take a class over the summer (a very short, intense 4 week class that normally lasts 16 weeks). It's M-F from 9:50-2:20. But, I have to take it now if I want to graduate on time. Then, in the fall, I begin my 2x weekly drive to Hope, AR for the rest of my schooling. I'm really excited because that means I'll finally be starting my Embalming/Funeral Directing classes!!! One step closer to my dream!!! Those sememsters will keep me even busier, as I'll have 7 classes in the Fall and 8 in the Spring. I only have 5 now, so I'll really have to keep a tight schedule w/those extra classes. And, during that time, I'll be training for a half marathon in St Charles, MO, Chicago (yippee) and depending on my Reserve schedule, I want to do a half in November and hopefully Memphis (the full, if I can get someone else to run w/me).

Friday, March 21, 2008

In My Former Life

I have finally come to the conclusion of what I was in my former life. Unfortunately, I wasn't a ballroom dancer, a high-profile runner, or even a meticulous housecleaner (does such a person exist?). I'm certain I was a bag lady, a pack rat, or maybe even a hoarder!!!!! As I continue on my massive spring cleaning I've realized one common theme: I like stuff---doesn't matter what the subject content, I just like stuff!!!! Should I check in to a support group?? Better idea----get rid of the stuff and stop buying more! I'm going to pretend I live in a 500 sq ft house and don't have room for anything else!

On that note, yesterday I welcomed Spring by 2 things: Running and meeting Cheryl to go shopping (at this point, disregard my previous paragraph/rant). We checked out the new Container store (very big, nice and expensive), Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, and Pier One. Oh, also Bath & Body because Ben wanted me to get him some air freshner refills and Dillards for Clinique (Cheryl bought some stuff and I bought some lip gloss----what, I don't even wear lip gloss!!!???). Guess I needed it and will start wearing it now! Bought a few things at Ann Taylor, but overall did very good about not buying too much.

Tomorrow is my 20 mile run. Cheryl and I will run w/LR Training Group (although we plan to do 10) and then I'll finish the other 10. I hope my legs will make it. This morning at my 5am sculpting class, Andrea said "today we're working legs". Crap---legs???? Ugh. And I hobbled home after the class. I really enjoy my M-F 5am workouts. 3 days sculpting, 2 days spinning. Good start to the day!

Will run 10 miles today and plan to swim this afternoon. I find the swimming (and water aerobics) do a great job at relaxing my muscles. Well, the workout is tough, but I like the no impact.

Happy Friday!!! And Happy Easter. Nothing planned for our Easter Sunday, just Church (for me, Ben doesn't attend). Hoping it'll be dry enough so I can cut the grass.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There Are Still Nice People In The World Today

I just have to share this: I took the Honda to the dealership to get the oil changed. Ben had wanted me to tell the tech he thought there was an exhaust leak, and to check it out , see how much it would cost. Great, I thought, because I'm a woman, this tech is going to tell me everything is wrong w/the car and I might as well hand him my credit card (sorry, that's the way I view this situation). And what do you know, I was right!!! He says to me, "Mrs. Washburn, there's a large hole in the exhaust, the welding has come apart. To fix it, you need a new muffler, blah, blah and it's going to cost you $621 plus tax. We can have it fixed in an hour if you'd like". Yah right, do I really look that dumb??? So, I said to him, why can't you weld what came apart (My Dad is a welder mechanic, I have some insight)? "Oh, that wouldn't work" the tech tells me. I politely tell him I'll stick w/the oil change and get a second opinion.

On my way home, I decide to stop at the muffler shop down the road from us. Well, first I came back home to get Maxx. I try to give him all the car rides he can possibly get! I waited a few minutes at the shop because no one was up front, but I could see a man working in the back. And also because there was a very cute puppy behind the counter and I really wanted to pet him!!!

The owner comes up front and asks me how I am and what could he help me with. So, I tell him the gist of the problem and show him the invoice from the Honda dealership. I was planning to make an appt, but he said if I had time now to pull the car around to the bay. I told him I had Maxx w/me, and he said that's fine, he can play w/the puppy. Oh, great, a play date for Maxx!

The car's on the lift, the dogs are playing, and I'm talking to the owner. He says, "the exhaust has a few pin-holes in it, I can weld it and fix it on the spot". Sounds good! And he did so, and refused to charge me!!!! I kept asking him if he wanted any $$$ and he said, "there'll be a day you need a bigger repair and you can pay me then". Wow----how nice! I happily called Ben and told him and he said the owner has done that for him too. We decided we'll go to the shop together and thank him once again.

It's a good feeling when I come across someone who's kind. And I'll certainly return the favor by recommending him to anyone who needs muffler work.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catching Up

Oops, I've been meaning to post, but didn't realize how much time got away from me......let's see, how do I re-cap over a week's worth of time.....had a 20 mile run, which went well (from what I remember!), had a 16 miler, 14, and everywhere else inbetween. For the next 4 weeks I have pretty high weekly mileage (60-65 each week), then I start to back down for the Nashville Marathon. Wow, can't believe it's only 5 weeks away. I'm almost afraid to type this, for fear it'll bring me bad luck, but I've got my hip/IT band/knee down to a moderate discomfort level...or, maybe I'm use to the pain. BUT.....let me tell you what happened a few days ago!!!

I was 2 miles into my run (around the subdivisions) and had planning to do a total of 6. Anyhow, I'm running along and next thing I know, I'm laying flat on the ground!!!! First thing I thought was: Get up quick so nobody sees me....then I thought, gosh that HURT!!! I put my hands out to break the fall (and protect my face) and scraped my hands, elbow, and both my knees. I did my best to land on my good hip so I wouldn't further injure the bad side. It worked but I still landed very hard on my knees. So hard that know they are all cut up, very bruised and today they are pretty swollen and stiff. Crap, why does this stuff always happen to me???? Am I the only clumsy one out there?

I'm also spring cleaning my closets, the house, etc....I've made numerous trips to Goodwill, as well as tried to pawn stuff off on anyone I think can use it.

P.S. still love my spinning bike :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Drum Roll, Please...

Guess where/what I'll be doing on Sunday, 12 Oct 08----I'll be in Chicago running the Chicago Marathon!!!!! I'm so excited :) Last year was my first attempt at Chicago and since they shut the race down when I was at mile 20-21, I don't feel like I "ran Chicago". This is because I had to walk the last 6 miles. So, I really wanted to know what it felt like to run the entire marathon. My Aunt lives outside the city, so I'll fly in on Friday and stay the night w/her. Then (and here's the really exciting part) we'll drive back into the city on Saturday and pick my Mom and another Aunt up at the airport!!!! The four of us will stay close to the race start on Saturday/Sunday, then fly home on Monday (me to AR and Mom/Aunt to Ohio). I love spending time w/my Mom and Aunt's, so I'm already counting down the months. It'll be such a treat to see them a the different mile markers, while on the course.

Didn't run yesterday because of the snow. I'd like to tell you I stayed in the house and cleaned all day (Spring cleaning??), but that would be a big lie! Instead, I worked on (more) homework, rode my spinning bike, and did a few exercise dvd's. However, I woke up early this morning and did a lot of cleaning---bathrooms, swept and mopped floors, changed sheets on bed, did laundry, etc.

After my cleaning spree, I went to get my hair trimmed, then met Cheryl at for coffee. We walked to Target (it was really crowded, I guess everyone wanted out of the house). Cheryl spotted these big blue canvas bins that were on clearance, so we each bought one. Not sure what in the heck I'll put in mine, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Then we parted ways and I came home, changed, and ran 8 miles. Sure is nice we have daylight past 4pm!!! For my cooldown, I took Maxx for a 1 mile walk around the subdivision. Of course, he's now fast asleep on the mat I lay on the floor for him in my exercise room!!

Tomorrow is my 20 mile run. Weather is suppose to be nice. Not sure where I'm going to run, but I have tonight to figure that out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Haven't posted in a few days....nope, haven't been on vacation, haven't been sick, and haven't been doing anything spectacular. This and next week are midterm exams.....and of course lots of homework/projects in every subject. So, I've been glued to all of my textbooks this week. Luckily, I only have one test next week (Funeral Chemistry). Not very fun, but at least the weather is crummy so I'm not missing anything outside. Right now I'm taking a break from studying for an Anatomy test---which is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm praying the campus will close because of snow/ice!!!! Ha, reminds me of when I was little and my brother's and I would wish "snow days" everytime the weather got bad so we could stay home!
Running this week has been a challenge because of rain, cold, wind, name it, we've been thru all the elements in a matter of a few days. I have managed two 10-mile runs. Need to do a 20-miler this weekend and I'm hoping Sunday will work out. This weather sucks!!!! Spring can come anytime!!!!
Study break over......

Saturday, March 1, 2008

To Sum It Up

This week has flown by and I've been way too busy....could we backtrack to Tuesday so I can have more time???!!!! I'm happy to say I've packed my week w/spinning, water aerobics, the running clinic, and even a 20 mile run, which I had to do on Thursday since I have Drill this weekend. It's very, very weird to do a long run during the week (normally do mine on the weekends)...not only was I very tired Thursday night, but I slept like a baby! Hmm, might have to try that again :)

Yesterday I met Cheryl for a quick 2 mile run (I ran a little over 3 before she met me), then we changed and went to the LR Marathon expo. I was holding back tears of joy when I saw her get in the full marathon line to get her packet!!! How proud I was for her. Then it was home to get my uniform ready and work on homework.

Drill started this morning at 6am. The day went by very fast and then we had PT at 3:30-5pm. Today consisted of some warm-up stretches, sit ups and push ups (yippee, I need those!!) and then a 10 mile run. Tomorrow will be much of the same thing. Sure makes the weekends fly by!

The official Cowtown race pictures are available, I'll post them when I get a second. And to the person who commented and said they ran Cowtown---did you run the 1/2 or full, what did you think, etc?? Yes, it was cold, but it warmed up (I thought).