Monday, July 28, 2008

A quick update

Week 4 of school and I can't be happier that next week is the last week!!!! But, before that magical last day I have my last lab test this Wed, a lecture test this Friday. Next week is a lecture test on Mon and Wed, with the final on Friday. will I even get time to study for all these damn tests???!!!!!

I have Drill this weekend (Sat and Sun). Then I'll be on Active Duty from 9-17 Aug. Then school in Hope starts on 21 Aug. I think it's official----my summer and everything else is finally over!

Mileage this week will be 66 miles. Today was 10 miles. Because it's so hot and humid, I'm making every attempt to have all my daily mileage done by 8am so I don't have to finish it after school in the late afternoon (when it's even hotter).

Cheryl leaves for the San Francisco marathon this Thursday. Marathon is on Sunday!!!! She doesn't think she's ready, but I know otherwise :) I only wish I could have gone, but maybe I'll talk her into running one with me!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can it be Monday again???

I know....I must have completely lost my mind wishing it were Monday again!!! Actually, is it too much to ask to just start July over again?? Well, maybe not since I'd have to do over everything that's been going on the past few weeks.

Ben got home yesterday afternoon. Maxx and I were both very happy to see him. And likewise, Ben gets very homesick, so he was happy to see us! And yes, he did ask why the frig is barren....and to that I responded I couldn't go shopping until I made it thru my tests this week. But, he was more than welcome to go (of which he declined and has been eating PBJ and other misc things ever since!).

Running mileage this week has been steadily on the rise. I'll have 64 total by week's end. Monday and Tuesday was 10, today was 8, and the week continues as such. 20 mile long run will happen Friday. I'm actually excited about our Saturday morning run---Cheryl is tapering for San Fran and I'll be running 8 w/her!!! Wow, we'll be done early and sipping on Frappachino's from Starbucks before the sun comes up!

Studying for Anatomy class still consumes most of my time. But, the good news is there's only 2 1/2 weeks left!!! Of course, with that comes tears and fear because I know how many tests and studying need to be accomplished before it's all said and done. Oh well---I'll come out in the end a stronger person. Speaking of stronger, Andrea tore our arms up in sculpting class yesterday and today!!! I've been using 12 lbs and will soon be increasing (um, in a few weeks!).

That's all my friends....until next study break!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 3 of school....Week 5 of Chicago marathon training

At this point, I really only have 2 major things on my many miles do I need to run each day and what 2 days of the week will I have an Anatomy lab and lecture test! Don't ask me about current events, don't ask me what the date is, don't even think about asking me when the last time I went grocery shopping was!!!!! I've nicknamed this my phase of "school/running" and it's tunnel vision after that.

Boy, was it hot running this week. But, don't get me'll hear very few complaints about the heat from me. I like it much better than any other time of the year. It's a wonderful feeling knowing any run, whether it's 9, 10, 20, or somewhere inbetween is done by 8am (or 8:30ish if you're Cheryl and I and you goof off on the River Trail a time or two!).

Ended week 4 of marathon training w/60 miles. This week my schedule calls for 64 miles. I need to switch my 20 mile long run from Saturday to Friday since Cheryl is in her 2 week taper mode for the San Fran Marathon on 3 Aug. We'll only be running 8 miles w/the LR training group on Saturday. Wow...what will we do w/all our extra time on Saturday!

Anatomy lab test this Wednesday and lecture test on Friday. Better get back to studying.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Truckin' On

One week down in school, 4 weeks left for the summer semester. Have already taken a lab and lecture test, should get those grades tomorrow. Will have another lecture test this Friday.

This weekend flew by since I worked Friday, Sat, Sun. One second it was Thurs, then I blinked and it was Mon morning!

My routine seems to be the same everyday (which I'm not complaining about). I leave the house in the very early morning to run, then to Andrea's class and also Spinning on Tues/Thurs, then to school, then home to study, then to water aerobics, then back home to shower, get everything ready for the next day, then fall asleep studying. Geesh, does that sound boring???? Well, really it isn't!!! And my days are zooming by.

Ben's having a good time in Colorado. He says he's missing Maxx and I though. We miss him too, but are enjoying having the bed to ourselves :)

My mileage for the week is either 9 or 10 everyday, with my long run of 18 on Saturday. Haven't decided what day will by my rest day from running. Maybe Friday....

Off to study!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Overwhelmed...but up for the challenge

Oh dear, I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to take Anatomy & Physiology II in a 5 week summer course. I didn't understand the magnitude of cramming a normal 16 week sememster class into 5 weeks---and the professor doesn't cut any material out! I know what my push was--I'd like to graduate on time next May and this summer was the only time I could take A & P II. So, there you have it! And I'm extremely interested and like the class, which does help. In lab this week we've disected the brain, eyeball, ear, and today we disected/took a look at the Endocrine system in the cat. Some of you might be grossed out, but I'm simply fascinated w/science so working in the lab is something I really enjoy!

I'm still running early morning to get my weekly Chicage marathon training mileage. Still haven't figured out my long run for this weekend because of Drill, but I'll squeeze it in and end the week w/at least 57 miles.

Dropped Ben off at the airport tonight. He went to Colorado to visit a friend and then his Dad will fly there next week and the two of them are taking a train from Denver to Cheyenne, WY for Frontier Days.

Study break is over! More later.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Week 3 of Chicago Marathon Training

Wow, can't believe I'm already into week 3....time flies when you're having fun (training!!). This week will bring me 61 miles. Still have to figure out what day to do my long run since I have Reserve Drill Duty on Friday-Sat-Sun. And school starts tomorrow, so this might be a little tricky! Fortunately, I like to get up early, so most training runs have been starting around 6am.

I had a really good long run on Saturday. Cheryl and I met the 6am LR training group at Pinnacle and we did a 20 miler. I was nervous because I thought my knee (either one) was going to hurt, but I'm taking a new Anti-Inflammatory that worked wonders on Saturday! Although my left knee hurt, it was tolerable. I had a MRI taken of both knees last week, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results. They've been hurting pretty constant since the beginning of the year. Yes, I have good shoes and am wearing my orthotics everyday, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Well, with school starting tomorrow, I need to get myself ready for a long day. Both mentally and physically. My day will start w/9 miles, then spinning class, then Andrea's sculpting class, then school. School is from 9:30-2:30 Monday thru Friday. Tomorrow I have a doctor appt at 3:30 and another one at 4pm. Followed w/water aerobics at 5:30. So, I'm guessing I'll finally be home around 6:45pm. We decided to send Maxx to Doggy Daycare tomorrow so he's not home by himself all day. Ben will drop him off before work and then get him on his way home. I have laid out his collar, harness, leash, and lunch kibbles in a ziploc bag. We have to put his name on it and they'll feed him lunch. So, all Ben needs to do is put the collar, etc on him and off they'll go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Update, Update

Ok, it was brought to my attention this morning (by Cheryl) that I needed to update my blog!!! And she's right---but, I haven't been around my computer much these past few weeks. So, here's the quick low down.

I'm almost finished w/my second week of Chicago marathon training (16 week training plan). Last week I ran 56 miles and this week I'll finish with 59 miles. Since it's been hot, most of my runs have been in the morning. And it's nice to get them out of the way before the day gets too hectic.

I've still been teaching my aerobic classes 2x a week and subbed for the spinning instructor on base this week. And of course Andrea's sculpting classes have been kicking my butt. So I wind the evening down with water aerobics.

However, this week I spent all the extra time I could at Cheryl's new house. She closed on Monday and we wasted no time picking out paint for the Dining/Living room, all 3 Bedrooms, the Kitchen, the Ceilings, and don't forget the trim that needs a fresh coat of white paint. We painted our booties off and both of our arms/shoulders are super sore (and a little bit buffer!!!). Not to mention our legs hurt from stepping on/off the ladder and squating down. She also had to work this week, so I was able to help her even more by cleaning the frig (a bachelor lived there and left it for her, but it was so dirty), cleaned the kitchen cabinets, etc. I really hate cleaning my house, but it's so much fun to clean someone elses!

Sadly, my summer is over because sch0ol starts next week. Oh well, it's time to put my brain back to work. I'm taking A & P II, which is a 16 week course condensed into 4 weeks. School is M-F from 9:50-2:30. Then a week break and school starts again (fall semester). That's when I'll be driving 2x weekly to Hope, AR and will have classes from 8am-5pm. And I'm excited because this is where I'll get into the classes for my Embalming and Funeral Directing degree. I'll be starting the process of applying for an internship with a funeral home in the next few months. Exciting :)

Inbetween all this schooling, marathon training, teaching aerobic classes, I have to work on Active Duty for a total of 6 more days before 1 Oct. Already have one day planned next week, in conjunction with my Drill weekend.

And Ben leaves for Colorado next Thurs----he'll be gone for 13 days :( But, the time will fly by because I'll be studying like a mad woman! Hope Maxx won't mind his Momma being gone during the day, since he's so use to having me around.

Tomorrow Cheryl and I are running 20 miles. Wish us luck, it seems everytime we attempt a long run it always rains, thunders, name it, we just have bad luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll go smooth and we'll keep the whining and complaining to a minimum. As we say, "the adventures of Cheryl and Kim". I'll let ya know how it goes.