Friday, September 5, 2008

School, Running, and more School, Running

Ok, so I've been really bad about keeping my blog updated!!! But, I feel I have some good excuses :)
As usual, school is keeping me very busy, especially this sememster since I'm taking 7 classes. I've also started my internship w/Arkansas Mortuary Service in LR. They provide embalming/cremation service to area funeral homes. In the few times I've been there, I've already learned a lot, gotton some great hands on training, and realized how much I love this new career field I'm getting into. I still haven't done any cosmetic or restorative work yet, but I will soon enough. My plan is to also work w/a couple local funeral homes as part of my internship, and hopefully get an apprenticeship from one of them.
Marathon training consumes the other part of my day. No matter what, I squeeze my daily mileage in somehow. I'm getting good at time management (yes, finally!!!) and am able to complete daily homework, daily running, daily spinning, 3x weekly water aerobics, 4x weekly Andrea's sculpting class, and my M-W-F trips to the base gym (where I take my notecards and study while using the exercise equipment). It's a darn good thing I'm the sort of person who doesn't require a lot of sleep!!!!!
This weekend is Reserve Drill Duty.....uniform is ironed, boots are shined...I'm ready to go!
I'm also suppose to go to the Mortuary once or twice this weekend to assist in embalmings/cremations.
I can't believe I'll be leaving for the Chicago marathon in 5 weeks!!!! Well heck, look at the bright side.....taper is soon coming my way!!!!! Even though I don't really like to taper, I'm a good girl and will follow my taper schedule :)

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Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Have read several of your posts and wanted to wish you the best as you continue training for Chicago Marathon.

You're getting in an amazing amount of cross training, particularly in view of your class load. It will pay off. I'm excited about Chicago too, but still need to get in some important training.

Keep up you're great running!