Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mountain Home Marathon

Ugh....sorry I haven't posted in so long....let me go through the excuses...lots of school work, Reserve duty, marathon training, being get my point! And I do have Chicago pictures ( to be exact- 62 awesome pics my Aunt took and sent me a cd of), but of course those are yet to be posted...but they will (someday). My semester of Funeral Directing/Embalming classes will be over on 16 Dec and the next semester starts on 13 Jan......I promise to be more blog friendly during that time!

Now, back to the title of this blog....I'm leaving for Mountain Home tomorrow to run the marathon, which is on Saturday. Holy finally hit me today that I'm running a marathon in 2 days!!!!!!! This is the first of two marathons I'll be using as a training run for my upcoming Feb 09 ultra marathon in Fort Worth, TX. No PR expectations, just finish it and start mentally thinking about the ultra.

There's a few other upcoming races I'm excited about: Cheryl, Tammy, and I will be running the Spa 10K on 22 Nov, the Memphis 1/2 marathon on 6 Dec, I'm running the Dallas marathon on 14 Dec.

Time to pack and get ready for my marathon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am recovering fast and well from the Chicago marathon! I didn't run for a few days after coming home, which felt great because I had no desire to run. I spent the remainder of the week running low miles (3-5 each time I ran) and spent time swimming, and doing other cross training activities. I realize each marathon recovery is always different and I'm very fortunate this one went so smoothly :)

I know I promised pictures and a full race report....but, please be patient with me. My aunt took the pictures and I'm waiting for her to send them to me. There are some from marathon foto and I'll post them as soon as possible. I have been keeping extremely busy with my embalming and funeral directing classes and all the case studies that go along with it. But, don't get me wrong.....I'm really enjoying every second of my training for my new career!!!!

I also had Air Force Reserve Drill this weekend, so that consumed all of my Saturday and Sunday.

Monday it's back to marathon training because I've decided to run the Mountain Home, AR marathon on 15 Nov as a training run for my upcoming ultra marathon. I know.....I'm either crazy or a glutten for punishment.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicago Marathon a memory now

It's official......the Chicago marathon is just another one to place in my memory book. All the running stars were aligned for me yesterday, as I had my best marathon yet!!!! Not just w/my finishing time---my feet felt good, my knees/IT band didn't bother me, the weather was warmer (starting temp was 62 and I believe finishing temp was around 84)....which is my preferred running temps. My Mom and 2 Aunts did an awesome job trying (and succeeding) w/meeting me on the course (and taking pictures)!!!

Finishing time was 4:29:15 w/a 10:16 pace and I placed 12,341 overall out of 31,401 finishers!!!

I feel pretty darn good for just running a marathon yesterday. But, who knows---I might be sore tomorrow since it always hits me 2 days after. I did stretch before/after the marathon, took my anti-inflammatory's on schedule, used my biofreeze, etc, so maybe that combination worked for me.

I have no desire to run at this planning a short run w/Cheryl on Wednesday. In the meantime, I will go to sculpting/spinning/water aerobics class (I have to do something!!!!).

Pictures and more race report to follow.

And I will also announce the date of my next marathon.....stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chicago Marathon Countdown: 2 days 20 hours 44 minutes

And I'm ready to take Chicago on!!!! My training has gone well and has been very consistent (although this taper is killing me....doesn't it do that to everyone!!??). I'm really looking forward to seeing my Mom, two of my Aunt's, and my cousin. I fly out tomorrow at 1:30pm and it's a direct it! Lots to do before I leave though.

Tomorrow will be my last run before the Sunday marathon. It'll be 4 miles and I plan to run w/Cheryl. This is the part that scares me....I start to think, "how will you be able to go from 4 miles to 26.2 miles just two days later!!!?" I think this way every marathon, it never fails.

Will be taking my camera, so check back for my race report and pictures!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still here!!!!

The storm we had over the weekend knocked out our cable/internet. And since Ben left Sunday for Atlanta, I told him not to worry about restoring internet before he left, I'd be fine w/out it. As it turns out, I was fine and actually got more homework done! Such a good feeling.

Busy, busy w/marathon training.....Chicago is 12 Oct. Wow, I can't believe it's almost here. Of course, I say that when every marathon is less than 4 weeks away.

Even busier w/mortuary school. I've also been spending a lot of time at AR Central Mortuary, as I work on my Embalming internship.

Time is flying......

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Computer Monitor

Ben got a new, 22 inch computer monitor that has a built in camera. Late last night, we took some pics of us to send out. They show up small on the blog, sorry about that! Ben's sitting in his desk chair, Maxx is on his lap, and I'm standing behind and leaning over to click the mouse and take the pic.

Friday, September 5, 2008

School, Running, and more School, Running

Ok, so I've been really bad about keeping my blog updated!!! But, I feel I have some good excuses :)
As usual, school is keeping me very busy, especially this sememster since I'm taking 7 classes. I've also started my internship w/Arkansas Mortuary Service in LR. They provide embalming/cremation service to area funeral homes. In the few times I've been there, I've already learned a lot, gotton some great hands on training, and realized how much I love this new career field I'm getting into. I still haven't done any cosmetic or restorative work yet, but I will soon enough. My plan is to also work w/a couple local funeral homes as part of my internship, and hopefully get an apprenticeship from one of them.
Marathon training consumes the other part of my day. No matter what, I squeeze my daily mileage in somehow. I'm getting good at time management (yes, finally!!!) and am able to complete daily homework, daily running, daily spinning, 3x weekly water aerobics, 4x weekly Andrea's sculpting class, and my M-W-F trips to the base gym (where I take my notecards and study while using the exercise equipment). It's a darn good thing I'm the sort of person who doesn't require a lot of sleep!!!!!
This weekend is Reserve Drill Duty.....uniform is ironed, boots are shined...I'm ready to go!
I'm also suppose to go to the Mortuary once or twice this weekend to assist in embalmings/cremations.
I can't believe I'll be leaving for the Chicago marathon in 5 weeks!!!! Well heck, look at the bright side.....taper is soon coming my way!!!!! Even though I don't really like to taper, I'm a good girl and will follow my taper schedule :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Toy for Maxx

Week 10 of Chicago Marathon Training

Week 10 = 74 miles and now there's only 6 weeks left until race day!!! Seems like only yesterday there was 6 months until race day. And w/Labor Day just around the corner, I think we're starting to lose Summer :( A change I don't welcome too fondly.

This weekend lent itself to some humid training runs! On Saturday, Cheryl and I ran 10 miles w/the LR Training Group, then went to Starbucks (can't ruin the normal routine!), then of course we had to shop---Home Depot for ceiling fans, toilet seat, and other odds n' ends Cheryl needed for the new house. Then to the furniture store to pick up the cabinet she had ordered a few weeks back. Lastly, no Saturday would be complete w/out a trip to Target!!!! Afterward, we planned our Sunday run, said our goodbyes, and I came home. Spent some of the afternoon hanging out w/Ben and Maxx, as well as dedicating a few hours to studying. Since my mileage total for the day was 16, I ran 6 around the subdivisions. Finished the day off w/watchig the men's Olympic marathon. I'm still in awe at the incredibly fast pace those men maintained!!!

Needed 11 miles on Sunday so the plan was to run 4, then stop by Cheryl's and get her for the remaining 7. We were both really tired, had trouble adjusting to the humidity, sore hamstrings---maybe because we kept such a good, consistent pace on Saturday's run??? Ultimately, we opted for 6 miles, so I ended up w/a little over 10 for the day's total. Knowing I had to cut grass and do some housework, I was ok w/the total.
Once back at Cheryl's house, we stretched, wiped sweat off, moaned and groaned.....then enjoyed some really good coffee Cheryl made for us! I think I had 3 cups!!!! We looked at the online Target add, checked the Olympic website, talked about the 2010 Winter Olympics, then decided to make a trip to Lowe's and look at ceiling fans. The theme this weekend seemed to be ceiling fans!!! We looked at and discussed many, but Cheryl decided not to buy any since she's traveling for work and won't be putting them up this week anyway.
Once going our separate ways, I had to stop and get my weekly supply of fruit and Ben needed cheese, lunch meat, etc. W/everything being so expensive, it doesn't take long to spend $100 anymore!
Cut the grass, which took me a long time because the rain and fertilizer made it really grow. By this time it was 4:30pm, so I decided to come in and get cleaned up so I could spend a few more hours studying. By 10:30 I was falling asleep while reading my Embalming book, so I knew it was bedtime :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Special Thanks to Mom & Dad

If you know me well, you'll agree w/me that I'm not one to let my feelings be known very often. However, I feel now is a very appropriate time to thank my parents for their excellent upbringing.

As I was sitting in class today, I've never been more excited because I'm finally going after a dream that I've had for a long time--becoming an embalmer/funeral director--and now that it's a reality, I was reflecting on what brought me to this point in my life. It's not due to all the schooling I've been to, the degrees I have earned, the countless hours of studying, the discipline I've grown to become accustomed to, the professionalism I've learned from being in the military, or even my friends or coworkers over the years.

So, what has brought me to this point?? The answer is simple: My Parents.
They have taught me that success only comes from the desire within, from hard work and dedication, from complete honesty, from challenging myself, learning from my mistakes, not giving up when the going gets tough, and most importantly, believing in myself. I can think of countless times I've talked to either my Mom or Dad when I felt uneasy about school, when I was having a difficult time during a marathon, or when I needed advice----and you know what----they've never led me in the wrong direction.

I would just like to say "thank you" to my parents for molding me into the woman I am today!
Love you guys...

First Day of School for Embalming/Funeral Directing

I'll be heading out the door in about 45 minutes---traveling 4hrs round trip to my first day of school!!!! Goodness, I both nervous and excited at the same time---you'd think after all these years of going to school, this would be second nature---but, it's not the case :) I'm finally done w/all the basic courses and am finally beginning my embalming and funeral directing courses. I should graduate in May 09, then study for a few more weeks before taking my AR State Funeral Board Exam.

The only bummer comes w/the realization there are no Starbucks or decent coffee shops where I'm going (which is Hope, AR). So, I have to stop at the Starbucks before getting on the highway and drink my frappachino on the way---but, I can handle this.

Will let you know how my first day goes!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Official!!!

NOTE to Cheryl: you might want to skip this post!!!

I can officially say I have 192 days until my first Ultra Marathon!!! Location is Cowtown Marathon, Fort Worth TX on 28 Feb 09. One of the main reasons I'm running this is because I turn 30 on 24 Feb and this is going to be my birthday present to myself.....well, I always buy myself a gift, but that's besides the point!

I have to get a training schedule for the Ultra, but I do know I'll be using the Chicago marathon in October, as well as the Dallas marathon in December as 2 of my long runs. In between them are a few 1/2 marathons, a 20K, and 10K, and who knows what else. I've also decided to spend more time on the elliptical, the arc trainer, and spinning bike to cross-train and strengthen my legs so I'm not working my feet too much....due to my recurrent pattern of stress fractures, I don't want to chance anything! Oh, and add swimming to the mix.

School starts in 2 days!!! I'm really excited because from now until May 09 I'll be taking my Embalming/Funeral Directing classes....all done w/electives, etc. Now it's on to the fun and interesting stuff. I should be starting an internship sometime in the near future as well---suppose to find out the timeline for that when school starts.

One more thing----I got an "A" as my final grade in Anatomy and Physiology II class! Five weeks of hell paid off :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Did I mention??

Some of you have heard me say this over (and over) the last few days.....but, I just have to tell the world.....It feels awesome not having to STUDY for a few weeks!!!!!! And I'm catching up on two months worth of magazines that have been patiently waiting for me :)

The weather is much, much cooler w/less humidity this week, and more rain. I was actually chilly at the start of my run this morning! Oh gosh, I'm not ready for fall and winter :( Also it's still dark between 5:40-6am when my run begins.....certainly am not ready to run later in the day. Besides the cold, having to layer clothes, the wind, etc I absolutely hate to run later in the day during the winter months. I'm a very early riser and feel accomplished when my run is done and over w/by 7:30-8am. This starting at 9am and later crap is for the birds!! Well, or for someone who likes to sleep in....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Survived (and am in a much better mood)

Needless to say, I made it through and survived my final exam in A & P II. My brain was very exhausted after the 2 hrs, and I still had my headache. Immediately after the exam I just wanted to shout, "I'm more studying for a few weeks!!!" it was an awesome feeling.

So, what did I do after the test???? I went to Cheryl's! I hadn't seen her since her San Fran marathon and I enjoyed her telling me about the marathon, the trip, and showing me lots of pictures. Oh, not to mention the great goodie bag she brought back for me (to include freshly made fortune cookies and some yummy dark chocolate, some nice tanks from
H&M, and a new IT band strap). Just the kind of things a girl needs.

Spent a few hours with Cheryl, then came home to cut the grass. Boy, I didn't realize how long it was----5 full, yard and lawn bags!!!!

This morning Cheryl and I ran with the LR training group, then went to the River Market for coffee and fresh fruits/veges, then I had to go to work. Which was so boring, nobody was there (I'm doing Active Duty days for the years worth of Annual Tour points---to hard to explain, it's an AF Reserve thing). Anyways, before I knew it lunch time had snuck up on me and I went to the gym for a bit. Saw a few people I worked with while on Active Duty, that was neat.

Came home from work and decided to put this storage cube thingie together---Cheryl and I each bought one from Target a few weeks back......we were having a contest who'd put theirs together first....I thought for sure she'd win (I procrastinate much more than her), BUT I PUT MINE TOGETHER FIRST!!!!! It was suppose to be easily assembly, but it was sort of hard to assemble, requiring some arm strength and some sweat!!

Mileage for tomorrow is 10. Think I'll knock that out before work. Need to sign up for the Memphis 1/2 also. I'm looking forward to this fall---have a few 1/2 marathons, a few full marathons.....AND I'm tentively planning for my first ULTRA marathon in Feb 09. I'll keep the details a secret and fill you in when I register (which won't be long!).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Final Exam Day

Today's the day! Will be taking my final exam in Anatomy from 9:30-11:30. And I just want it to be over!!!! Went to bed with a headache, woke up a few times in the middle of the night with a headache, and still have a headache (do ya see the pattern here??).

At any rate, once 11:30 rolls around, I'm sure that headache will be gone. And what will I do for the rest of the day (since I won't have to study!!)---going to see Cheryl since I haven't seen her since she got back from the San Fran marathon, need to cut the grass, and not sure what else.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stressed out!!

It's official....just the final exam on Friday for my 5 week class of Anatomy & Physiology. Can't believe a 16 week class was crammed into 5 weeks....and better yet, can't believe I've survived it (well, almost, still have to study for the final). Which, by the way, is both a non-comp and a comp test. 200 points.

Took the last lecture test today and then had the last bit of lecture notes. So, great, I have everything I need to study!!!

Opted to save my 11 mile run for this afternoon because I wanted to use this morning as more study time (I know, I'm very Type A when it comes to school).

This afternoon run is like a treat!!! I promised myself I wouldn't think about school (at all) during the entire run. I'll let ya know if I kept my promise :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I see the end...

Last week of school!!! This is by far the toughest brain is exhausted from studying, my eyes hurt from reading my notes over and over, and I'm not sure how much more info I can cram in!!! But, I do know when Friday comes and I'm done w/the final exam, I'll be sooooo HAPPY!!!!

Week 7 of Chicago marathon training. Mileage this week is set at 69. Last week was 66 miles. Good thing I'm getting my runs done early morning because it's HOT out there!

Will be on Active Duty from 9-17 Aug. School starts again 21 Aug. Time is zooming by.....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clowning Around

So here I am during Air Force Reserve Drill weekend w/a few of the other Officer's....we're getting ready to have squadron PT and someone said, "hey, let's see you guys do hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil". And that's what we did!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A quick update

Week 4 of school and I can't be happier that next week is the last week!!!! But, before that magical last day I have my last lab test this Wed, a lecture test this Friday. Next week is a lecture test on Mon and Wed, with the final on Friday. will I even get time to study for all these damn tests???!!!!!

I have Drill this weekend (Sat and Sun). Then I'll be on Active Duty from 9-17 Aug. Then school in Hope starts on 21 Aug. I think it's official----my summer and everything else is finally over!

Mileage this week will be 66 miles. Today was 10 miles. Because it's so hot and humid, I'm making every attempt to have all my daily mileage done by 8am so I don't have to finish it after school in the late afternoon (when it's even hotter).

Cheryl leaves for the San Francisco marathon this Thursday. Marathon is on Sunday!!!! She doesn't think she's ready, but I know otherwise :) I only wish I could have gone, but maybe I'll talk her into running one with me!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can it be Monday again???

I know....I must have completely lost my mind wishing it were Monday again!!! Actually, is it too much to ask to just start July over again?? Well, maybe not since I'd have to do over everything that's been going on the past few weeks.

Ben got home yesterday afternoon. Maxx and I were both very happy to see him. And likewise, Ben gets very homesick, so he was happy to see us! And yes, he did ask why the frig is barren....and to that I responded I couldn't go shopping until I made it thru my tests this week. But, he was more than welcome to go (of which he declined and has been eating PBJ and other misc things ever since!).

Running mileage this week has been steadily on the rise. I'll have 64 total by week's end. Monday and Tuesday was 10, today was 8, and the week continues as such. 20 mile long run will happen Friday. I'm actually excited about our Saturday morning run---Cheryl is tapering for San Fran and I'll be running 8 w/her!!! Wow, we'll be done early and sipping on Frappachino's from Starbucks before the sun comes up!

Studying for Anatomy class still consumes most of my time. But, the good news is there's only 2 1/2 weeks left!!! Of course, with that comes tears and fear because I know how many tests and studying need to be accomplished before it's all said and done. Oh well---I'll come out in the end a stronger person. Speaking of stronger, Andrea tore our arms up in sculpting class yesterday and today!!! I've been using 12 lbs and will soon be increasing (um, in a few weeks!).

That's all my friends....until next study break!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 3 of school....Week 5 of Chicago marathon training

At this point, I really only have 2 major things on my many miles do I need to run each day and what 2 days of the week will I have an Anatomy lab and lecture test! Don't ask me about current events, don't ask me what the date is, don't even think about asking me when the last time I went grocery shopping was!!!!! I've nicknamed this my phase of "school/running" and it's tunnel vision after that.

Boy, was it hot running this week. But, don't get me'll hear very few complaints about the heat from me. I like it much better than any other time of the year. It's a wonderful feeling knowing any run, whether it's 9, 10, 20, or somewhere inbetween is done by 8am (or 8:30ish if you're Cheryl and I and you goof off on the River Trail a time or two!).

Ended week 4 of marathon training w/60 miles. This week my schedule calls for 64 miles. I need to switch my 20 mile long run from Saturday to Friday since Cheryl is in her 2 week taper mode for the San Fran Marathon on 3 Aug. We'll only be running 8 miles w/the LR training group on Saturday. Wow...what will we do w/all our extra time on Saturday!

Anatomy lab test this Wednesday and lecture test on Friday. Better get back to studying.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Truckin' On

One week down in school, 4 weeks left for the summer semester. Have already taken a lab and lecture test, should get those grades tomorrow. Will have another lecture test this Friday.

This weekend flew by since I worked Friday, Sat, Sun. One second it was Thurs, then I blinked and it was Mon morning!

My routine seems to be the same everyday (which I'm not complaining about). I leave the house in the very early morning to run, then to Andrea's class and also Spinning on Tues/Thurs, then to school, then home to study, then to water aerobics, then back home to shower, get everything ready for the next day, then fall asleep studying. Geesh, does that sound boring???? Well, really it isn't!!! And my days are zooming by.

Ben's having a good time in Colorado. He says he's missing Maxx and I though. We miss him too, but are enjoying having the bed to ourselves :)

My mileage for the week is either 9 or 10 everyday, with my long run of 18 on Saturday. Haven't decided what day will by my rest day from running. Maybe Friday....

Off to study!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Overwhelmed...but up for the challenge

Oh dear, I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I decided to take Anatomy & Physiology II in a 5 week summer course. I didn't understand the magnitude of cramming a normal 16 week sememster class into 5 weeks---and the professor doesn't cut any material out! I know what my push was--I'd like to graduate on time next May and this summer was the only time I could take A & P II. So, there you have it! And I'm extremely interested and like the class, which does help. In lab this week we've disected the brain, eyeball, ear, and today we disected/took a look at the Endocrine system in the cat. Some of you might be grossed out, but I'm simply fascinated w/science so working in the lab is something I really enjoy!

I'm still running early morning to get my weekly Chicage marathon training mileage. Still haven't figured out my long run for this weekend because of Drill, but I'll squeeze it in and end the week w/at least 57 miles.

Dropped Ben off at the airport tonight. He went to Colorado to visit a friend and then his Dad will fly there next week and the two of them are taking a train from Denver to Cheyenne, WY for Frontier Days.

Study break is over! More later.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Week 3 of Chicago Marathon Training

Wow, can't believe I'm already into week 3....time flies when you're having fun (training!!). This week will bring me 61 miles. Still have to figure out what day to do my long run since I have Reserve Drill Duty on Friday-Sat-Sun. And school starts tomorrow, so this might be a little tricky! Fortunately, I like to get up early, so most training runs have been starting around 6am.

I had a really good long run on Saturday. Cheryl and I met the 6am LR training group at Pinnacle and we did a 20 miler. I was nervous because I thought my knee (either one) was going to hurt, but I'm taking a new Anti-Inflammatory that worked wonders on Saturday! Although my left knee hurt, it was tolerable. I had a MRI taken of both knees last week, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results. They've been hurting pretty constant since the beginning of the year. Yes, I have good shoes and am wearing my orthotics everyday, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Well, with school starting tomorrow, I need to get myself ready for a long day. Both mentally and physically. My day will start w/9 miles, then spinning class, then Andrea's sculpting class, then school. School is from 9:30-2:30 Monday thru Friday. Tomorrow I have a doctor appt at 3:30 and another one at 4pm. Followed w/water aerobics at 5:30. So, I'm guessing I'll finally be home around 6:45pm. We decided to send Maxx to Doggy Daycare tomorrow so he's not home by himself all day. Ben will drop him off before work and then get him on his way home. I have laid out his collar, harness, leash, and lunch kibbles in a ziploc bag. We have to put his name on it and they'll feed him lunch. So, all Ben needs to do is put the collar, etc on him and off they'll go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Update, Update

Ok, it was brought to my attention this morning (by Cheryl) that I needed to update my blog!!! And she's right---but, I haven't been around my computer much these past few weeks. So, here's the quick low down.

I'm almost finished w/my second week of Chicago marathon training (16 week training plan). Last week I ran 56 miles and this week I'll finish with 59 miles. Since it's been hot, most of my runs have been in the morning. And it's nice to get them out of the way before the day gets too hectic.

I've still been teaching my aerobic classes 2x a week and subbed for the spinning instructor on base this week. And of course Andrea's sculpting classes have been kicking my butt. So I wind the evening down with water aerobics.

However, this week I spent all the extra time I could at Cheryl's new house. She closed on Monday and we wasted no time picking out paint for the Dining/Living room, all 3 Bedrooms, the Kitchen, the Ceilings, and don't forget the trim that needs a fresh coat of white paint. We painted our booties off and both of our arms/shoulders are super sore (and a little bit buffer!!!). Not to mention our legs hurt from stepping on/off the ladder and squating down. She also had to work this week, so I was able to help her even more by cleaning the frig (a bachelor lived there and left it for her, but it was so dirty), cleaned the kitchen cabinets, etc. I really hate cleaning my house, but it's so much fun to clean someone elses!

Sadly, my summer is over because sch0ol starts next week. Oh well, it's time to put my brain back to work. I'm taking A & P II, which is a 16 week course condensed into 4 weeks. School is M-F from 9:50-2:30. Then a week break and school starts again (fall semester). That's when I'll be driving 2x weekly to Hope, AR and will have classes from 8am-5pm. And I'm excited because this is where I'll get into the classes for my Embalming and Funeral Directing degree. I'll be starting the process of applying for an internship with a funeral home in the next few months. Exciting :)

Inbetween all this schooling, marathon training, teaching aerobic classes, I have to work on Active Duty for a total of 6 more days before 1 Oct. Already have one day planned next week, in conjunction with my Drill weekend.

And Ben leaves for Colorado next Thurs----he'll be gone for 13 days :( But, the time will fly by because I'll be studying like a mad woman! Hope Maxx won't mind his Momma being gone during the day, since he's so use to having me around.

Tomorrow Cheryl and I are running 20 miles. Wish us luck, it seems everytime we attempt a long run it always rains, thunders, name it, we just have bad luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll go smooth and we'll keep the whining and complaining to a minimum. As we say, "the adventures of Cheryl and Kim". I'll let ya know how it goes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Remainder of 2008 Race Schedule

Here's how I decided to finish off 2008:

-Tupelo, MS 14.2 Race: 31 Aug. This race starts at 5am, which will be a very good thing!!

-Arkansas 20K: 27 Sept in Benton

-Chicago Marathon: 12 Oct

-Memphis Half Marathon: 6 Dec

-Dallas White Rock Marathon: 14 Dec

Think I'll try to get a few 5K's in there, just not sure what/when they'll be.

Start my 16 week Chicago training on Monday, 23 June :) My goal is to post about each training run (or at least every other).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Soaking Wet (I Mean Really Wet)

The title of this post best describes our (Cheryl and I) 14 mile run this past Saturday. I expected some rain, but didn't think it would rain consistently for about 12.5-13 miles of the run!!!! Not to mention the thunder and very close lightening we saw. Not one inch of our bodies was dry, our feet were soaking and making squishy noises w/each step. About 7 miles into the run, we both decided we were miserable and really didn't want to go the entire 14 miles. So, we decided to cut a few roads out of the run and thought we'd get 12 (and trust me-----we were both happy and ok w/getting 12). Oh, and this route was pretty hilly so we were not only dripping wet, but our legs were starting to feel the hills. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up missing a turn and had to make our way up this really steep and long hill. Yep, and we had to stop some guy at a stopsign to ask him which was the right way!!!! All in all, it was a crappy run, but then again really fun because Cheryl and I laughed our butts off and were miserable together! I stopped my garmin at 13.5 and walked the rest of the way to her truck. Honestly, the thought of running for even one more step in my soaggy socks and shoes made me sick to my stomach. So, I turned into a big whiney baby and Cheryl let me sympathy walk to the end :)

Sunday I ran by myself on the base. My feet hurt a little from the craziness of Saturday so I opted for 6 miles. The rest of the day was spent cutting the grass and doing things around the house.

Monday was the start of a new week filled w/sculpting, spinning, water aerobics, and teaching my dance classes. I ran 5 miles yesterday and decided to take today as my rest day. Mainly because today I got my hair colored red and cut into a chin length bob (very cute and easy to manage I might add!!!) and didn't want to mess it up! It's true---why is it the girl who does my hair can make it look awesome and I can never duplicate what she did???? And I even took it a step further: tonight in water aerobics I stood in the 4 ft end so I wouldn't splash and get my hair wet! :) However, not sure if I really got a workout :( Doesn't matter because the important thing to note is my hair stayed dry!

Only 2 weeks left until school starts again. That's a good thing because I'm getting to use to my "lady of leisure" lifestyle.

Monday (23 June) starts my 16 week Chicago marathon training schedule. That's why I'm not too worried about logging a lot of miles this week--I know the hard work is right around the corner.

I have the rest of my half and full marathon schedule for the remainder of the year just about planned out, hopefully I'll post that this week!

Enjoy the week :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What A Week

My week didn't start off as I had planned, and it's been a lonely one since I dropped Ben off at the airport on Sunday. I didn't get to spend much time w/him last weekend before he left because I had Drill, he had to work at his 2nd job, and our friend from Oklahoma stayed on Saturday night (and I opted to let them talk "guy stuff" into the early hours on Sunday w/out me).

On Monday the Honda broke down while I was in NLR. Thank goodness (and I do really mean that) Cheryl was in town and able to come to my rescue!!! There are many people I could have called, but she's the only one I really wanted to help me (you can relate, right?). Anyway, I had the car towed to the dealership and Cheryl took me home. Which, she doesn't travel the streets of Jacksonville much, so I was even more thankful. Monday was suppose to be my first day teaching aerobics for Andrea---I'm taking a couple of her night classes so it'll free up her time to spend w/her hubby and kids. Cheryl was willing to pick me up and take me there, but we ended up having a terrible storm and Andrea called on our way to her house and told us not to make the trip, she'd teach if anyone showed. So, we turned around, went to Starbucks and then hung out at my house for a little bit. Maxx was very excited to see Cheryl and he even got to show her some of his toys!

I got the car back on Tuesday, so that was a blessing. The electrical portion of the ignition switch had to be replaced. And it didn't even cost me that much!!!!

Rest of my week has been spent going to exercise classes, teaching, getting in my daily runs, walking Maxx (he's graduated to 2 walks a day, each about 2 miles). And worse yet, I've been staying up way too late watching TV. I don't even really like watching TV, but have a hard time falling asleep when Ben isn't here. Oh, and I keep the kitchen lights on too!!!! I know----I turn into a big scaredy cat when left by myself.

Luckily, Ben comes home tonight :) Tomorrow we're going to visit a friend who lives about 3 hrs away. Saturday is my 14 mile run w/Cheryl and I'll probably cut the backyard grass. Sunday I'd like to run 7 or 8 miles and then Ben and I will spend some time planning out the deck we're going to build in the backyard.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can I Sneak More Hours Into The Day?

I'll never forget the statement my Mom said to me years back: "Honey, once you get out of college and start working, time just flies by." Of course, at that time, I didn't believe her (or have any idea just what exactly she meant by that). But, low and behold, Mom was right!! Just like always...

So, with the blink of an eye it was Monday then Saturday and I've had some low mileage runs (anywhere from 3-7 miles) and then a 14 mile long run. I've been to water aerobics, spinning, sculpting, taken Maxx on walks, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn.....and the list goes on.

Yesterday I took Maxx to the vets, he has a bacterial infection and is on antibiotics. But, let me share the good news!!! When I took Maxx for a routine checkup about 5 weeks ago, the vet wanted Maxx to lose 9 lbs, getting down to his ideal weight of 76 lbs. We cut back his food by 1/2 cup (he was pretty upset in the beginning about this), I walk him 2x daily, and we filled up his pool. When I put him on the scale, his weight was 76 lbs!!!! Happily, he lost the 9 lbs! Now, if only it were that easy for me to do!!!

I have Drill this weekend, which always makes Sat-Sun fly by. When I arrived at 6:30am, I found out I had to shoot the M16 rifle, so I spent from 8-2:30pm on the range. In full uniform, gas mask and it was about 90 degrees (felt like 100+ on the range). Then changed to PT gear and we worked out for 90 minutes. Needless to say, this was a long day and I'm pooped.

Tomorrow I take Ben to the airport as he'll spend the week in Atlanta for a training seminar.

Well, we have company from Oklahoma visiting, so time to stop blogging!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can You Relate??

At the doctor's office today, I was reading a magazine and came across the funniest blurb a reader had submitted. I started laughing aloud (which I love to do) and maybe you will as well!

The blurb was titled "Snack Attack" and the reader writes:
"On a shopping trip after a workout I was ravenous; thinking my blood sugar was low, I bought what looked like a bag of cotton candy. I raced to the car, tore the bag open, and shoved some puffs into my mouth. When they had no flavor, I returned to the store to complain and demand a refund. The clerk looked at the bag and then at me and said, "Ma'am, you were eating blue cotton balls".

How funny!!!!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Love

How many of you out there enjoy the summer??? I love how the days are longer, the warmth of the sun, and (yes) even the Arkansas humidity!!! This is my time of the year! And there's nothing better than an early morning run. Which, is what Cheryl and I did this morning. I met her at 5:40am and we headed for a 12 mile run at the River Trail. Thank goodness for the breeze, because it was pretty warm and humid. I keep forgetting to pack a towel to dry myself off after our runs---not use to this since it seemed we spent forever dealing w/cold weather. Anyway, this was my longest run since completing the marathon last Saturday. And I have to say, it went well. I did have some knee pain sneak up on me toward the end, and I think Cheryl had some inner thigh pain issues, but through all our moanin and groanin, we made it :) The best part of our run was being able to take off our fuel belts afterwards and cracking open a much needed Coke Zero.

After our run, we walked to the River Market for coffee and the Farmers Market for fresh fruits and vegetables. I got some awesome blueberries (made a smoothie this afternoon!), lettuce, red onion, green beans, cauliflower. Cheryl picked up some great looking cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries. All in all, we had a fun time and were really excited about our purchases!

And here's my most favorite thing about summer: I got my run in, coffee, trip to Farmers Market, etc and still got home by 10:30am!!!! Ah, music to my ears :)

The rest of my day was spent house cleaning and spending time w/Ben. We took Maxx to get a new swimming pool. His old one is 2 yrs old and it had a small hole in the side, so everytime I filled it, he'd lose half the water w/in a few days time. He was very excited for the new pool and I could tell he was ready for me to fill it because he was standing in it (no water) until I drug the hose out and filled it for him. Spoiled puppy :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Andy Payne Marathon: PR and 2nd Place In My Age Group!!!

Here's the quick n' dirty from my marathon in OKC last Saturday, 24 May. The weather was hot--race start (6:30am) was low 70's and by race finish, it was pushing 87-88 degrees. The sun was beating down hard, I began sweating before mile 1. Which, is amazing for me since I get hot, but it usually takes a long time before I actually have sweating running down my face. So, when it happened so soon, I knew it would be a long haul!!!! I will say the only thing that saved me was the wind. On one side of the lake, it was dead calm (and of course blazin hot) and on the other side, it was 12-13 mph winds!!! I would get mad and swear at the wind because it was messing w/my pace!!! But, I was thankful for it.

Like I mentioned in my post prior to the marathon, this race was very small in terms of the number of runners. There was no half-marathon, just the full, 10K, and a 5K. The latter 2 races started at 8:30. While I don't have the exact number, Ben and I think there were only about 70-75 marathon runners. So, I was almost right at the start line!!! When the gun went off, everyone took off---I mean they were gone in the blink of an eye!!! I was instantly sick to my stomach, thinking, "holy crap, I can't run this fast for 26.2 miles" I looked down at my Garmin and saw our pace was 8:30 and my heart rate was 187!!!! And to make matters worse, about 95% of the runners were veteran runners to this course. Meaning, it wasn't marked and the race official (extremely laid back) told us to just do the short 1 mile out and back, then 3- 8 mile loops around the lake. Oh great---I'm bound to get lost!!!!! Determined not to panic, I caught up to 2 older guys (really friendly locals who'd run the course many times over). By this time it was about mile 4 and I was still cruising around 8:35 pace---not good! But, as I started talking to them and asking if they'd keep this pace the entire time, they told me "no, we were just thinking how we need to slow down". Thank GOD!!! We gradually slowed to a 9:20-9:30. Still tooooo fast for me!!!! I hung w/them until about mile 11, then knew I had to slow pace or I'd never be able to finish.

I kept pace around 10:10-10:30ish (I can't really remember) for a long time, until my stupid IT band started to bother me (mile 16 on). That pain, plus the wind, dropped my pace (alot).

I saw Ben and Tony 5 times :) They kept driving to each side of the lake and giving my Sharkies and Sport Beans, as well as refilling my water and Gatorade. Tony took a few pics w/this Blackberry....attached below. It was great seeing them. Early on, they told me they were hungry and were going to McDonalds for breakfast--but would hurry back so they could meet up w/me again.

Oh well-----I crossed the finish line at 4:44:59------much better than my 4:55 at the Nashville Marathon on 26 Apr. And better yet, I won 2nd place in my age group!!!!! Yippee, I love this small race :) I have it penciled in for next year!

The 2 guys I ran w/for most of the marathon (they were so happy for me when I received my trophy!)Tony's taking the picture and I was motioning to Ben so he could meet me on the trail w/some fuel)

At the finish, I was tired and everything from my shoulders down to my toes hurt. Once I saw this picture, I realized just how tired I looked!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, seems like I just did this!!

So, here I am again....packing for a marathon/weekend trip. Sure thing, tomorrow we leave for OKC and Saturday at 6:30am is the marathon. I talked to the race director today, he said our hotel is about 2-3 miles from the Lake (which is the start/finish area). How cool is that!!! I told you a few posts back that this marathon was small---he told me he's got 125 people signed up!!! Oh, and he reassured me---if I arrive at 6am to get my race packet (yes, packet pick-up is race morning), I'll have ample time!! And there's a man from Houston who's run the marathon for the last 16 years. Lots of locals and mostly the same faces every year--with the lovely addition of mine this year :)

Our friend Tony will help/keep Ben company during the marathon. If you recall, Tony was at the February Cowtown 1/2 marathon in Fort Worth--he was the star of my video when he lost the gu and kept asking Ben if he had it. I might have to watch that video again for a good laugh!

Off to the world of packing--enjoy your holiday weekend and my race recap/photos will come next week!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Andy Payne Memorial Marathon, OKC

Can't believe my next marathon is one week from today, 24 May. Actually, by this time next Saturday it'll be another one for the memory bag, since the marathon starts at 6:30am. Has anyone ever run this?? It's very small--last year there was about 150 runners!!!! The course is pancake flat (in the words of the race official), and it's very simple: a short out/back (1.1 miles out and the same back) and then 3x's around an 8 mile lake. Here is a picture of the lake/course. I'm not so sure I'm excited about running 24 miles around a lake, but I'm up to the challenge (think this one will be mainly mental). On the other hand, Ben's looking forward to this course because he won't have to drive to meeting points, he's planning to bring a chair and wait for me to pass by each time! Also, our friend Tony will be tagging along to keep Ben company, so that's a nice bonus.
I've already been tracking the weather. It's suppose to be about 62 degrees at race start, but will get warm quick (high is 88). Chance of rain as of now is 20% and they're predicting calm wind. It'll be a running skirt and most likely a white tank top, so I don't attract the sun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nashville Pics, Landscaping Pics

Ever since my semester of school ended a few weeks ago :), I've made every attempt to stay far away from the computer! After being glued to this machine for 14 weeks, when school was over, I needed a little separation time. Besides, my hands hurt from typing, my eyes were sore from looking at the screen, and I'm sure my butt spread a few inches from being parked in front of it everyday (for hours!).

I recovered just fine from running the Nashville Marathon! I waited about 3 days before I started running again. But, was back to other normal activities 2 days afterward--sculpting, spinning, water workouts. Think this helped my recovery, I was never sore in one particular place. Well, I take that back--my right IT band decided to act up at about mile 15 on. Never had any problems w/that side before. I do think the road was a little uneven on the course, so maybe that facilitated the flare up.
Here are some pics from Nashville:

Next Marathon: 24 May 08--The Andy Payne Memorial Marathon in Oklahoma City. Yep, next weekend!!!! We'll be traveling on Friday and then going to Yukon, OK (about 45 min from OKC) after the marathon on Saturday to stay until Monday w/some friends.

Next Marathon after OKC is Chicago (only 5 months away!!). But, I'll have some 1/2's before Chicago, plan to run a few 5K's, as well as a 14.2 race in Tupelo, MS that Cheryl and I will be running at the end of Aug. I'm excited about this race, it starts at 5am because we all know it'll be really hot!!!!!

Dad's visit: We had a great time when Dad stayed w/us last week! I can't thank him enough for helping me landscape the yard. He and I worked our butt's off and it turned out awesome! And since there's no Sonic in Ohio, we had to make 2 trips there during his stay!!!

Pics of landscaping (and Maxx, our helper!)

the new plants being placed
new plants being placed

freshly delivered soil for the flowerbed
Maxx helping Dad take out the dead tree

Maxx ate old branches all day (and the next day too!)All done and looking prettyThe new treee we planted. This tree was growing in the flowerbed!We planted some Pampas grass and put a few hanging baskets w/it for colorView from the street, can't see much though

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nashville Marathon: A Memory Now

I did it!!!! I ran the Nashville Marathon!!! And 2 days later I feel pretty darn good!

Finishing time was 4:55:23

Complete story to follow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Travel Day To Nashville Marathon

We'll be leaving for Nashville w/in the next few hours. Holy Moly----I'll be running a marathon in exactly 24 hrs (my computer says it's 7am)!!!!!

Today I'll hyrdrate, hydrate, hydrate (does Starbucks count in that equation??). Our drive will be about 5 hrs, so not bad. We decided to check into the hotel first, and leave Maxx there while we head over to the Expo. Temps and humidity are suppose to be high this afternoon, so I don't want to leave Maxx in the car.

After the expo I plan to lay my stuff out, go over the route and last minute directions for my support team/Gu boy Ben, hop in the pool for a bit, stretch, then get some sleep. Which, getting sleep will be the hardest part, I'll be so excited I'm not sure how well I'll sleep tonight. I did get a hotel room w/two double beds so I can stretch out and have a bed to myself. It'll be interesting to see who Maxx will decide to sleep with. I figured two beds was a good idea (both pre and post marathon) because a bed can get cramped w/me, Ben (who's 6'4'' and requires room) and Maxx (who's 86 lbs of puppy love!!).

Off to the race's!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day of "Finals"

Today was my final test in Anatomy

Today was my final test in Accounting

Today was my final training run

Today is my final day before leaving for the Nashville marathon

Sigh....what a week (ok, last few weeks for that matter) it's been!!! My tests went well, but more importantly, I don't have to spend tonight studying and doing homework!!! Yes, the mind is free :) I have 2 finals next week, and then school's out for summer!!!! Well, in my case, about 5 weeks. Will be taking 9 credit hours in summer semester 1 and 7 credit hours for summer 2.

Mileage for today's last training run was 4. During that run I kept thinking "oh my gosh, I can't run 26.2 miles.....YES, I CAN, no I can't, etc, etc.....

And I spent the last few days having "phantom pains" knee hurts, my feet hurt, my hip hurts....ok, what didn't hurt???!!!!!

And then I went to Kroger for some weekend supplies and I found the expensive, good quality band-aids on sale (clearance for .50!!!), I bought large band-aids for knee/elbow, waterproof, etc. On my way home I thought, "crap, what if buying those band-aids was a bad omen and I'm going to fall and actually NEED them".

And then I was walking across the kitchen floor and slipped on some water Maxx decided he wanted to dribble from his mouth.....I screamed and grabbed the stove handle, only to turn around and see Ben standing there, like, "what the hell is wrong w/you?".

Just get me to the start line!!!!!

So, if you don't hear from me before the marathon on Saturday, I'll post afterward....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Let the countdowns begin!!!

Days to Nashville-leaving in 3, marathon in 4.....WOW!!!!! I'm ready though :) My goals are simple: to have fun, no matter if I'm having a great/horrible run day. Stay consistent--I'm really not stuck on a certain pace, although my ideal range is somewhere between 10:30-11:15. I just want to keep running and make it up all those hills! And most importantly (to me) is just being thankfull I'm there and in good health to run!

Days to end of school semester: 8. I'm been stuck in what I call "homework/study haze" for the last week and it sucks. But, next Wed I take the last of my finals and I'll have about 5 weeks of freedom before the summer session starts.

Days until Dad's visit: 14. I'm so excited---my Dad is flying from Ohio to spend 6 days helping me put plant my flowerbeds and just hang out w/Ben and I. Better make sure I stock the freezer w/ice cream treats (his favorite when it's hot out).

Time is precious right now, so that's a rap!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Holy Cow----I have soooo much more time since I'm in taper mode this and next week before Nashville!!!!!!! It was so very odd to look at my running schedule the past few days and see 5 miles. What??? I only have to run 5 miles???!!! I went from running 65-67 miles for the past 4 weeks to running 37 miles this week and 41 miles next week (which includes the 26.2).

With my extra time I've dusted things that haven't been dusted in awhile, repotted some plants, Maxx has been going on 2 walks a day, laundry is getting done more frequently, and I have extra time for studying (much needed!!).

I pick Ben up tomorrow night. Maxx and I are looking forward to his return, we miss him and the house gets lonely w/just me in it. Allthough, Maxx is a very good shadow :)

Got my Anatomy Lab exam back today, which covered all the muscles in the cat. We've been dissecting the cat for about a month now and during the lab exam, I had to identify (and spell correctly) all the muscles. I put a lot of work into this one exam and my grade was 100%---and to top it off, I recieved all 5 pts for the bonus, making my score 105%!!!!! I'm very proud of this accomplishment :) Now, it's hell for the next 2 weeks as I take my last tests then finals.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching Up

I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see Spring (and hopefully soon) summer. Glad to see the rain has stopped, but now the wind and cold is back. Oh well, guess we can't have it perfect all the time.

Recap of weekend runs: on Saturday, Cheryl and I ran 6 miles w/the LR Training Group. It was 6am cold and windy, but we managed well. Afterward we ran the Catholic High Rocket 5K. Ok, this race is 98% HILLS!!!! And big ones at that. I do well on the uphill and Cheryl does well on the downhill, so for the first mile, I'd pass her on the uphill, then she'd pass me on the downhill, so on and so on. It was funny! We hung around for the awards and door prizes. Even though I'm never lucky, I did manage to win a door prize and won 2nd place in my age group (19-29). Saturday afternoon Ben and I went shopping for work clothes for him, we took Maxx to Pet Smart, and then stopped at a furniture store and Ben bought a recliner he's had his eye on for a while. I forsee many nights of him falling asleep in his chair :)

On Sunday I ran 8 miles on the base. I went early (7am) so I could get finished and be back home to spend time w/Ben, since I had to take him to the airport Sunday afternoon because he's in Atlanta this week for work.

Today was Andrea's class at 5am, water aerobics at 7am, then met Cheryl at 5:30 so we could run to the runnign clinic. Ended up w/9 running miles.

Got my schedule of classes for the Fall semester. I'll be driving to the Community College at Hope on Tues/Thur and will have classes from 8am-4:30pm. With the 2 hr drive each way, that'll make for a very long day. My classes will be:
-History of Funeral Service
-Funeral Directing
-Funeral Service Orientation
-Embalming I
-Funeral Sociology
-Funeral Service Law
-Restorative Art I

7 classes, 17 credit hours!!! This summer I'll be taking 4 credit hours.

Leaving next Friday for the Nashville Marathon :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Although the rain has kept me from my normal running routine this week, I've managed to get my butt kicked by spinning, water aerobics, and Andrea's classes! I think Andrea's classes alone have a great deal to do w/my level of soreness (I must say I do feel a lot stronger though), that girl can bring it!!!!

This week has also been consumed w/homework and studying for tests. Finals are in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm a geek when it comes to school, so I'll study my butt off and be ready for them!

Also-----2 WEEKS FROM TODAY we'll be leaving for the NASHVILLE MARATHON!!!!!!! Ben is going to be my water/Gatorade/Sharkies/Gu boy!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Not only was I surprised, but amazed I was able to get a 10 mile run in today and not have one drop of rain hit me!!!! That was luck :) Cheryl and I had originally planned to meet at Lakewood around 1230, but we changed it to 3. Knowing I needed 10, I got there around 2 and had run 5.5 by the time she got there. It was humid and thank goodness we had a breeze (even if it was blowing only one way). And I was back home in plenty of time to blog and get ready for 5:30 water aerobics class. Not bad!

I had a nightmare last night that I was running the marathon in Nashville and I was so slow and hadn't finished when the officially shut the course down. To make matters worse, everyone on the side of the road was laughing at me and Ben was making fun of me as well. Is that not horrible or what???? These are the kind of crazy thoughts going thru my head lately :(

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy, Busy

Time is going by much faster these past few weeks than I want it to! The Nashville marathon is less than 3 weeks away, the school semester will be over in 3 weeks, Dad's visit comes in 4 weeks, and the next round of Drill weekend (s) are fast approaching. Don't get me wrong, I certainly enjoy being busy, but these days it doesn't seem to end. Oh well, next month at this time I'll have the worries of school behind me (at least for about 2 months).

With the crappy, rainy weather last week, my mileage was lower than what my training schedule said. However, I did get 40 miles, so that's better than nothing. This is my last week of high mileage, then the taper begins. Wow, not sure if I'm ready for this!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sneaking In A Run When It's Not Raining!!

Ok, raise you're hand if you're tired of this rainy, gloomy weather we've been having (mine is raised!!!). After doing a few runs in the rain these past few days, I was feeling reluctant to run today. But, I'm feeling very anxious because there's about 3 weeks left in the school semester and I just don't know how I'll get everything, I jumped at the first non-raining moment I saw today, needing a study break. Pressed for time, I opted to make today my shortest mileage day, which was 7 miles. And boy am I glad I ran :) I feel much better and even had some time during my run to start thinking about who I'll place at what mile markers during the Nashville marathon----for example, I intend to put my deceased cousin Farrell at mile 10 and I'll think about him for that mile. And I'll put my Mom, Dad, Brother's, Sister, Ben, Maxx, etc, etc at various miles to help me through the marathon.
I am starting to have some marathon anxiety (must be my word of the day--anxiety!)......what should I wear, what if I can't finish it, what if I trip and fall (toward the top of my list since I've recently fallen twice in the same week and still have hurt, bruised body parts from it), blah, blah....

Break time's over, back to studying.....I'll continue w/this marathon subject soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rainy Running

The title pretty much sums up the last few days of running. Although, this morning's run was really fun, in spite of the constant rain, Cheryl and I had during our 10 mile run through the LR RiverMarket area/Rivertrail. We even stopped to take each other's picture when a line of ducks crossed the road. My new shoes got some mud/wear of them, but that's ok!!! We were both just very happy to have gotten the run in because it was crappy pretty much all day.

Ben and I spent Friday afternoon looking at various places for landscaping ideas. I'm flying my Dad out in May and he's going to help me re-plant the existing flowerbed and I'll be creating a new one. Cheryl was nice enough to lend her assistance when I dig the new flowerbed, so I'll be putting her to work next weekend! I would this coming weekend, but I have my monthly Drill weekend. I need something that won't die because I'm really don't have a green-thumb!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legs, Legs, And More Legs

Wow, seems lately all I've been working are my legs, and hardcore! I mean, we all work our legs, but what's giving me a swift kick in the you-know-what are days in Andrea's class when we do legs, and the increase of hill training I've been doing to prepare for Nashville. These babies are sore!!!! All I have to say is I better have killer legs and a tight booty after all this work!!!!!

Marathon training is going good. For the past 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks I'll average 61-66 miles per week. Then, taper begins. Last Saturday was a very hilly course (Rhaling Rd), in which Cheryl was kind enough to run w/me. And I owe her a big Thanks because that wasn't an easy run!!! But, I felt accomplished at the end since I was able to run (slowly, though) up the long and steep Rhaling Rd hill. And, many other smaller ones during that entire run. I hope she wants to do it again (well, not right away though!!). I'm glad the weather is getting warmer, I was really starting to dislike the cold. Now, if only this darn wind would calm down!!! Over the next week or so, I really need to decide on my marathon pace. When I do my long runs (15+ miles) I tend to stay in the range of 10:30-10:45 and I feel comfortable. I do have some bouts of 9:40-9:50 when I feel good, but that only comes and goes. Should I put myself w/the 4:45 pace group??? The 5:00 group??? Help!!!

I have about one month of school before the semester ends. Sure went by fast. I decided to take a class over the summer (a very short, intense 4 week class that normally lasts 16 weeks). It's M-F from 9:50-2:20. But, I have to take it now if I want to graduate on time. Then, in the fall, I begin my 2x weekly drive to Hope, AR for the rest of my schooling. I'm really excited because that means I'll finally be starting my Embalming/Funeral Directing classes!!! One step closer to my dream!!! Those sememsters will keep me even busier, as I'll have 7 classes in the Fall and 8 in the Spring. I only have 5 now, so I'll really have to keep a tight schedule w/those extra classes. And, during that time, I'll be training for a half marathon in St Charles, MO, Chicago (yippee) and depending on my Reserve schedule, I want to do a half in November and hopefully Memphis (the full, if I can get someone else to run w/me).

Friday, March 21, 2008

In My Former Life

I have finally come to the conclusion of what I was in my former life. Unfortunately, I wasn't a ballroom dancer, a high-profile runner, or even a meticulous housecleaner (does such a person exist?). I'm certain I was a bag lady, a pack rat, or maybe even a hoarder!!!!! As I continue on my massive spring cleaning I've realized one common theme: I like stuff---doesn't matter what the subject content, I just like stuff!!!! Should I check in to a support group?? Better idea----get rid of the stuff and stop buying more! I'm going to pretend I live in a 500 sq ft house and don't have room for anything else!

On that note, yesterday I welcomed Spring by 2 things: Running and meeting Cheryl to go shopping (at this point, disregard my previous paragraph/rant). We checked out the new Container store (very big, nice and expensive), Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, and Pier One. Oh, also Bath & Body because Ben wanted me to get him some air freshner refills and Dillards for Clinique (Cheryl bought some stuff and I bought some lip gloss----what, I don't even wear lip gloss!!!???). Guess I needed it and will start wearing it now! Bought a few things at Ann Taylor, but overall did very good about not buying too much.

Tomorrow is my 20 mile run. Cheryl and I will run w/LR Training Group (although we plan to do 10) and then I'll finish the other 10. I hope my legs will make it. This morning at my 5am sculpting class, Andrea said "today we're working legs". Crap---legs???? Ugh. And I hobbled home after the class. I really enjoy my M-F 5am workouts. 3 days sculpting, 2 days spinning. Good start to the day!

Will run 10 miles today and plan to swim this afternoon. I find the swimming (and water aerobics) do a great job at relaxing my muscles. Well, the workout is tough, but I like the no impact.

Happy Friday!!! And Happy Easter. Nothing planned for our Easter Sunday, just Church (for me, Ben doesn't attend). Hoping it'll be dry enough so I can cut the grass.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There Are Still Nice People In The World Today

I just have to share this: I took the Honda to the dealership to get the oil changed. Ben had wanted me to tell the tech he thought there was an exhaust leak, and to check it out , see how much it would cost. Great, I thought, because I'm a woman, this tech is going to tell me everything is wrong w/the car and I might as well hand him my credit card (sorry, that's the way I view this situation). And what do you know, I was right!!! He says to me, "Mrs. Washburn, there's a large hole in the exhaust, the welding has come apart. To fix it, you need a new muffler, blah, blah and it's going to cost you $621 plus tax. We can have it fixed in an hour if you'd like". Yah right, do I really look that dumb??? So, I said to him, why can't you weld what came apart (My Dad is a welder mechanic, I have some insight)? "Oh, that wouldn't work" the tech tells me. I politely tell him I'll stick w/the oil change and get a second opinion.

On my way home, I decide to stop at the muffler shop down the road from us. Well, first I came back home to get Maxx. I try to give him all the car rides he can possibly get! I waited a few minutes at the shop because no one was up front, but I could see a man working in the back. And also because there was a very cute puppy behind the counter and I really wanted to pet him!!!

The owner comes up front and asks me how I am and what could he help me with. So, I tell him the gist of the problem and show him the invoice from the Honda dealership. I was planning to make an appt, but he said if I had time now to pull the car around to the bay. I told him I had Maxx w/me, and he said that's fine, he can play w/the puppy. Oh, great, a play date for Maxx!

The car's on the lift, the dogs are playing, and I'm talking to the owner. He says, "the exhaust has a few pin-holes in it, I can weld it and fix it on the spot". Sounds good! And he did so, and refused to charge me!!!! I kept asking him if he wanted any $$$ and he said, "there'll be a day you need a bigger repair and you can pay me then". Wow----how nice! I happily called Ben and told him and he said the owner has done that for him too. We decided we'll go to the shop together and thank him once again.

It's a good feeling when I come across someone who's kind. And I'll certainly return the favor by recommending him to anyone who needs muffler work.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catching Up

Oops, I've been meaning to post, but didn't realize how much time got away from me......let's see, how do I re-cap over a week's worth of time.....had a 20 mile run, which went well (from what I remember!), had a 16 miler, 14, and everywhere else inbetween. For the next 4 weeks I have pretty high weekly mileage (60-65 each week), then I start to back down for the Nashville Marathon. Wow, can't believe it's only 5 weeks away. I'm almost afraid to type this, for fear it'll bring me bad luck, but I've got my hip/IT band/knee down to a moderate discomfort level...or, maybe I'm use to the pain. BUT.....let me tell you what happened a few days ago!!!

I was 2 miles into my run (around the subdivisions) and had planning to do a total of 6. Anyhow, I'm running along and next thing I know, I'm laying flat on the ground!!!! First thing I thought was: Get up quick so nobody sees me....then I thought, gosh that HURT!!! I put my hands out to break the fall (and protect my face) and scraped my hands, elbow, and both my knees. I did my best to land on my good hip so I wouldn't further injure the bad side. It worked but I still landed very hard on my knees. So hard that know they are all cut up, very bruised and today they are pretty swollen and stiff. Crap, why does this stuff always happen to me???? Am I the only clumsy one out there?

I'm also spring cleaning my closets, the house, etc....I've made numerous trips to Goodwill, as well as tried to pawn stuff off on anyone I think can use it.

P.S. still love my spinning bike :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Drum Roll, Please...

Guess where/what I'll be doing on Sunday, 12 Oct 08----I'll be in Chicago running the Chicago Marathon!!!!! I'm so excited :) Last year was my first attempt at Chicago and since they shut the race down when I was at mile 20-21, I don't feel like I "ran Chicago". This is because I had to walk the last 6 miles. So, I really wanted to know what it felt like to run the entire marathon. My Aunt lives outside the city, so I'll fly in on Friday and stay the night w/her. Then (and here's the really exciting part) we'll drive back into the city on Saturday and pick my Mom and another Aunt up at the airport!!!! The four of us will stay close to the race start on Saturday/Sunday, then fly home on Monday (me to AR and Mom/Aunt to Ohio). I love spending time w/my Mom and Aunt's, so I'm already counting down the months. It'll be such a treat to see them a the different mile markers, while on the course.

Didn't run yesterday because of the snow. I'd like to tell you I stayed in the house and cleaned all day (Spring cleaning??), but that would be a big lie! Instead, I worked on (more) homework, rode my spinning bike, and did a few exercise dvd's. However, I woke up early this morning and did a lot of cleaning---bathrooms, swept and mopped floors, changed sheets on bed, did laundry, etc.

After my cleaning spree, I went to get my hair trimmed, then met Cheryl at for coffee. We walked to Target (it was really crowded, I guess everyone wanted out of the house). Cheryl spotted these big blue canvas bins that were on clearance, so we each bought one. Not sure what in the heck I'll put in mine, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Then we parted ways and I came home, changed, and ran 8 miles. Sure is nice we have daylight past 4pm!!! For my cooldown, I took Maxx for a 1 mile walk around the subdivision. Of course, he's now fast asleep on the mat I lay on the floor for him in my exercise room!!

Tomorrow is my 20 mile run. Weather is suppose to be nice. Not sure where I'm going to run, but I have tonight to figure that out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Haven't posted in a few days....nope, haven't been on vacation, haven't been sick, and haven't been doing anything spectacular. This and next week are midterm exams.....and of course lots of homework/projects in every subject. So, I've been glued to all of my textbooks this week. Luckily, I only have one test next week (Funeral Chemistry). Not very fun, but at least the weather is crummy so I'm not missing anything outside. Right now I'm taking a break from studying for an Anatomy test---which is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm praying the campus will close because of snow/ice!!!! Ha, reminds me of when I was little and my brother's and I would wish "snow days" everytime the weather got bad so we could stay home!
Running this week has been a challenge because of rain, cold, wind, name it, we've been thru all the elements in a matter of a few days. I have managed two 10-mile runs. Need to do a 20-miler this weekend and I'm hoping Sunday will work out. This weather sucks!!!! Spring can come anytime!!!!
Study break over......

Saturday, March 1, 2008

To Sum It Up

This week has flown by and I've been way too busy....could we backtrack to Tuesday so I can have more time???!!!! I'm happy to say I've packed my week w/spinning, water aerobics, the running clinic, and even a 20 mile run, which I had to do on Thursday since I have Drill this weekend. It's very, very weird to do a long run during the week (normally do mine on the weekends)...not only was I very tired Thursday night, but I slept like a baby! Hmm, might have to try that again :)

Yesterday I met Cheryl for a quick 2 mile run (I ran a little over 3 before she met me), then we changed and went to the LR Marathon expo. I was holding back tears of joy when I saw her get in the full marathon line to get her packet!!! How proud I was for her. Then it was home to get my uniform ready and work on homework.

Drill started this morning at 6am. The day went by very fast and then we had PT at 3:30-5pm. Today consisted of some warm-up stretches, sit ups and push ups (yippee, I need those!!) and then a 10 mile run. Tomorrow will be much of the same thing. Sure makes the weekends fly by!

The official Cowtown race pictures are available, I'll post them when I get a second. And to the person who commented and said they ran Cowtown---did you run the 1/2 or full, what did you think, etc?? Yes, it was cold, but it warmed up (I thought).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Busy Weekend...A Busy Week

Our trip to Fort Worth this past weekend was just awesome. I ran a great 1/2 marathon, with the help of my "aid boys", we enjoyed wonderful visits w/our friends, Maxx got to play (for 2+hrs) w/Tubbs, his Jack Russell friend, and I had a fun birthday! There was a group of us who went to Joe's Crab Shack for my b-day dinner.....and they made sure to tell the server I was the b-day girl----in turn, I had to mingle around the tables banging a crab bucket, wearing a headdress made of toilet paper, while everyone sang Happy B-day. It wasn't embarrassing, but really funny!

Monday started our 10 week Woman Can Run Clinic. Twice a week we meet (I'm going to the location Cheryl is attending) and we either do speed work, hill repeats, or just run some mileage. I had started one last year, but had to stop going because it interfered w/my teaching of Jazzercise, but I'm in the clear this year. Which is great because I've been looking forward to the clinic and hope to us it as a tool to gain some speed.

W/the addition of the running clinic to my schedule, I've had to shift around a few workouts so everything still fits in. So, now I go to water aerobics a few mornings at 7am (before school) and have added a few more 5am classes (currently go T/Th 5am spinning). For my b-day present, Ben bought me a 2 month pass to Andrea's classes---same place I go spinning. But, now I'll be taking classes w/Andrea as well (and she's tough!!!).

This semester of classes is halfway thru. Spring break is in 3 weeks (don't worry, I'm not going anywhere!!) but, I do hope to clean some closets that week! I've very, very busy w/classes right now and really want the time to fly by so I can get past this mania!

Currently training for Nashville marathon (full), which is 26 Apr. When do I have time for training runs?? (thought you might be wondering).....thank goodness for upcoming warmer weather, earlier sunrise, and later sunsets!!!

I have Drill this weekend. Actually, I have it 2 weekends in March. Wow, can I clone myself????!!!!!

P.S. I like to stay busy :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cowtown Pictures

While I'm not ready to write my full race report, I'd like to take a quick second to say I Finished!!! Pace was 9:30, Chip time was 2:04 and 26 seconds. Not bad considering I wanted to stay 10:00-10:15 pace---my hip/knee ended up feeling really good throughout the race, so I was able to keep a faster pace. Weather wasn't bad--race start was 36 degrees, race finish was 50 degreess, wind was 7 mph (although it felt stronger at certain points throughout course). Ben and our friend Tony were my water/Luna Moon/Gu boys and they did an excellent job!!! More details to come later, here are a few pictures Ben took. I'm in the pink (wanted a bright color so the boys could see me coming)

And here's a couple of video clips. The second clip is really funny because Tony dropped the Gu (and didn't realize it) and in the video he's asking Ben "where's the Gu--you got the Gu?". I laugh everytime I watch it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cowtown 1/2 Marathon, Here I Come!!!

Goodness, we leave tomorrow morning!!! As you can imagine (and most of you probably do too) I'm running around like a mad woman trying to figure out what the heck to pack (winter races are much harder to prepare for!!!), gotta get Maxx's stuff ready (doggy food, toys, etc), and of course Ben (if I don't pack a nice outfit for going out to dinner, he'd show in his play clothes), get the maps and Expo info printed. To sum it all up, I'm anxious, excited, and nervous....yep, don't usually get nervous (too much) before the races (esp. since I've run more than a few 1/2 marathons), but since my hip/knee have been giving me trouble, I'm afraid something bad will happen while I'm running and I won't be able to finish my 1/2. Sounds silly since I've run at least 13 miles and more since the pain started. Can anyone relate?? I just have this sick feeling in my stomach. On the otherhand, I'm really looking forward to running and getting another finisher's medal! My plan is to treat this as a training run (but, I'd like to keep my pace 10:00-10:20). I don't want to go faster and use it as a race because I don't want to risk hurting the old hip/knee. Slow and steady, time on my feet!

Better get back to packing! Ben's taking his computer, so I'll try to post after the race. If not, check back early next week for my post race report.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Overdue

I've been meaning and needing to get a massage for an extended period of time, but hadn't found the right person---you know, you just can't go to anybody, you have to trust and feel completely comfortable w/whoever you choose. Given all the nagging pains I've been experiencing lately, I knew I couldn't wait much longer. I had previoulsy been to a particular day spa and really didn't like the massage therapist, so I decided to go to the same place again, but this time to a different girl. And I'm SO GLAD I did!!!! Before she got started, we discussed my tight/sore spots, where I wanted her to spend a little more time, where I didn't want her to spend time (my feet and hands, 2 really sensititve areas), etc, etc. She was awesome and found a lot of knots in my muscles---and she really worked them over. I'm always very knotty and tight and I left there feeling wonderful. If you've read my blog before, you might remember about my sore hip from those damn Rocephin shots I got in Oct. She found a big clump of knots in the area I got the shot....and boy was I about to jump off the table when she found them!!! The good news is, I'll be seeing her again in 2 1/2 weeks :)

I'm still chugging along on my mileage. Yesterday I ran on the base, 6 miles. It was pretty windy, good thing the sun was out to make it a little warmer. Today I ran 5.5 around the subdivisions. I was thinking of more, but decided to stop since I have homework to do, and my I-pod died at mile 3. Tomorrow and Thursday I'll run w/Cheryl. On Friday, Ben and I leave for Fort Worth!!!! The weather is predicted to be in the low 50's at race start, w/a daily high of 70 degrees! Chance of rain is 20%. Of course, I'm constantly watching it, because we all know the weather changes in an instant.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The best way to describe my runs this past weekend was damp and dreary, with a bit of wind mixed in the equation. On Saturday, Cheryl and I ran 12 miles on the River Trail (6am w/the Little Rock Training Group). Despite the misting rain we encountered for a good part of the run, the rather damp clothes and feet we had by the end, it was a good run. My hip/knee pain held out until close to the end and Cheryl's foot pain did pretty much the same thing. Upon completion, we stretched, took off the damp clothes, and headed for some coffee. All in all, great run and I'm hoping to do it again! Although, it won't be w/the LR training group since Cheryl only has 2 weeks before the LR marathon! I won't get the chance to run w/her this weekend as I'll be in Forth Worth.

Sunday's run was 6 miles around my neighborhoods. It was windy and I didn't feel like running, so was happy to have it done and over w/. Again, I'm stuck in this winter funk feeling and need a jolt of spring air to get me over the hump!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun In The Water

Happy Valentines Day (to those of you who celebrate it). Today was a fun day! The weather was nice so I took Maxx to Lakewood for a run. Well, I ran 5 miles, he waited in the car. Cheryl met me and we walked around the lake a couple laps. I took advantage of that time and was able to have Maxx go on the walk w/us! I really think he enjoyed the time outdoors (and bonding w/Cheryl, he likes her!). He was asleep for the entire car ride home and when we get home, Maxx ate his lunch and hopped on his favorite chair for a late afternoon nap.

Back to this Valentines Day thing---Ben and I don't do anything special, but a few days ago he asked me what I wanted (knowing I'd tell him nothing)....but, this is what I replied "I want you to go to water aerobics with me". Knowing darn well he wouldn't. Well, I was WRONG!!! He got home from work tonight a few minutes early, ate something really quick (for energy??) and asked if he bathing suit was ready. Ha, ha.....I had everything ready for him! I think he really enjoyed himself! There are about 5 guys in the class and they all swam over, said hello, and shook hands. The music started, the instructor started cueing and we got down to buisiness. I'm thinking Ben thought this was going to be easy----I looked over at him a few times and he was huffing and puffing, moving his arms, and looking like he was working it. Of course we raced each other when we had to run the length of the pool, splashed when given the chance, and laughed at each other. All in all, I was happy Ben joined me and hope he goes again (at least he told me he would).

The Babies

Recent pics of my niece and nephew. Timmy is 6 months old and Meghan is 21 months. They are too cute and I miss them, even though I was home to visit in December. Boy, they certainly grow up fast!! Looks like Meghan just woke up from a nap!

And of course, my baby---Maxx. He'll be 3 in August.

Here he is w/Ben

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it really Wednesday already?? My mind doesn't think in terms of what month it is what date it is, or even what day of the week it it thinks now is "what assignments are due today, what test is happening soon, what website do I need to login to complete that homework, etc". And also I'm thinking in terms of the countdown to the Fort Worth, TX Cowtown 1/2 Marathon (23 Feb) and the Nashville full Marathon (26 Apr). Holy running shoes, I'm back in full swing for marathon training!!!

I'm excited for our trip to Fort Worth. Ben and I have a fun weekend planned. We're going to visit friends, Maxx will get to see and play w/his Jack Russell friend (Tubbs), and Ben and the Gang will be taking me out for my birthday (24 Feb)!!! If you know anything about me, I LOVE my birthday----and still plan to as I get older. This year I'll be 29----I know, I know....just a youngin'. But, for me, it's the last year I'll be stuck in the 20's decade and soon I'll get to play w/the 30's decade crowd. And w/that means achieving different scores for races, different scores when taking my Air Force PT test (I get to be slower!!)

Today's run almost didn't happen (another I tried to talk myself out of) because it was cold out. But once I got out there, it wasn't so bad since there was no wind and the sun was shining. I logged 7 miles around the subdivisions, which the scenery got boring, but hey, at least I ran!

When I got home from water aerobics, Ben had to leave and go to Pine Bluff to take a service call. He's on-call tonight (and worked all day) Shucks, won't get to spend any time w/him today. So, Maxx is laying at my feet and I'm working on homework (oops, this is blogging---I should be doing homework!!).

One last thought---Cheryl, THANK YOU (again) for the Peeps----I'm still enjoying them!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Good Day

Today was just that---a good day! After a dose of spinning and a trip to the gym this morning, I took Maxx to NLR w/me and I met Cheryl at Starbucks. Actually, our visit started in the parking lot. She called to tell me she was early and already there, and whatta know---I was EARLY too!!! I know, don't fall off your chairs :) So, we exchanged Christmas presents (yep, better late than never!) and Cheryl said hello to Maxx, and inside we went! It was still drizzly and cold, so I was excited to be out of those elements.

We had a really nice visit and then it was back home to do some homework. I still hadn't gone for my run, so at 2:30, I thought I better get out there, or else I would talk myself out of it. You see--I just am hating this cold weather and really want Spring to magically appear, then I wouldn't have any issues w/running! After 8 cold miles, I called it a day. An interesting note: instead of wearing my custom orthotics, I wore the ones I bought at the Memphis expo, and for whatever reason, my hip didn't hurt as bad. Which meant my IT band felt ok, which meant the outside of my knee didn't bother me that much! Why does all this crap have to be connected??? And tell me why I NEVER had any hip, etc problems UNTIL I received those 2 shots of Rocephin this past Oct (in my hip). I swear to you, that's when all my problems started. Someone messed up my hip bone when I got those shots.......does anyone think that's valid????

My day ended w/a great water aerobics class!! Being in the water always makes my joints, hip, whatever ailment feel better. Now it's off to a hot shower and maybe a cup of hot chocolate (mmm, my favorite!).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Summary

Wow, is it Sunday already?? The last few days were productive, and that makes me feel good. On my way to school on Friday, I dropped Maxx at the doggy salon, he was in need of a de-shedding bath. He wanted nothing to do w/me once we got inside "Animal House", he quickly found a few poodles and a big dog (not sure of its breed) to play w/. As usual, the owner said "we'll call ya when Maxx is ready". I knew Maxx would be there most of the day, and I made my way to school. Ben was also feeling better by Friday, so we went to the RV expo in LR when I got home from school. We're still shopping for a camper and it was neat getting to see so many brands, sizes, layouts, etc. We must have spent a good 3+ hrs at the expo. Our looking was cut short, as we got the call Maxx was ready to be picked up! He smelled and looked great when we got him---and he was ready for a nap by the time we got home (he had endured hrs of playing!!!).

Saturday/Sunday I had Drill, which was enjoyable. Our day started on Saturday w/a 10 mile run on the base (which I added 5 on to the end of it w/a few who wanted 15), and this morning was 8 miles, along w/a spinning workout before our 6:30am meeting time. The Colonel let us leave at 4pm today, so I decided to go swimming at the Jax CC. I get in a 45 minute workout before they closed. I'm really glad I bought a membership there, as I've made swimming a part of my normal routine.

Now, it's time for homework!!!! I have 2 big tests tomorrow, and lots of homework assignments due the remainder of the week.

Let's just say, I'm so happy to be over that crummy flu I had this past week. My cough is still lingering, but nothing like it was :)
Oh, I also get to run w/Cheryl this week, so I'm looking forward to that----and the trip to Starbucks.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Back In The Mix

That's right....I'm feeling better....well, I think I am. My fever is gone, as well as the body aches. Only thing still hanging around is my sinus headache and this miserable cough. It's sounds (and feels) like I'm 80 and have been smoking for my entire life!!!! I can't breathe too well, but I'm hoping this shall pass. I must say, it does make exercising a little difficult---but my heart rate shoots right up and I'm burning calories, so does that count???!!

I will resume running tomorrow and see how that goes. I haven't run in a few days because I've been passed out on the couch. Yesterday I managed an elliptical workout, as well as a 40 min ride on my spinning bike.....Which, brings me to my next topic: I LOVE my spinning bike!!!! Wow, why did I wait so long to buy one? Well, the cost of it might have had something to do with the wait. I ordered a few Johnny G spinning DVDs and did one yesterday and one this morning. Awesome workout! Oh, also tickled pink that my water aerobic shoes arrived yesterday. My feet were getting pretty beat up from the bottom of the pool, so I'm looking forward to Monday night's class so I can try them out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It Finally Hit Me

This darn cold everyone has (or flu) finally made it my way. I was feeling sick on Sunday and had that lovely "raspy" voice on Monday, along with a very sore body, a pounding headache, and a fever of 101.9. As if I didn't have enough things to do, this just set me back even more. I had a big Anatomy lab test yesterday, in which I had to identify the 206+ parts of the skeletal system/skull. The professor had the bone laid out w/a index card and said things like "name this joint, name this process, is it lateral or medial in the body, etc". And the scientific names had to be spelled correctly---which isn't everyday language so I had to memorize that. Anyways, I think I might have missed 5 in all.....not bad in my opinion!

Because of this lovely cold, I skipped water aerobics last night and spinning class this morning. I know---don't have a heart attack, it takes SO much for me to miss exercise, but I really want this cold gone. Haven't decided about any exercise for the rest of today. Actually, not sure if I can even pick up weights, climb on an exercise machine, or go for a run----at this moment, those activities seem like a daunting challenge and I just wrinkle my nose and bury myself deeper in my covers. At least my laptop is keeping my legs warm!!!!! Hmm......wish Starbucks delivered!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone????

WOW----it's been an entire month since my last post!!!! While blogging has been on mind, what's been taking up most of my time is school work. Yes, it's been very hectic being a full-time student (again!). I'm taking 5 classes and I just can't believe how time consuming they are!!!!! Well, when I went to college, I didn't have to run a household, take care of a husband and playful black lab, train for a marathon, etc, etc......

I'm trying to learn how to organize, prioritize, and simply not go out of my mind! Next weekend is my first drill weekend w/the Air Force Reserves, so I'm looking forward to that.

Ben, Maxx, and I will be leaving for the Cowtown half-marathon, held in Forth Worth, TX in a few weeks. Notice, I say half and not full. Something funny happened to my knee/IT band when I returned from Ohio (well, I did NO outdoor running, only treadmill while I was there) and I never run on the treadmill. Doctor thought I might have had Patella Tendonitis, so he put me on 2 weeks of a steroid pac, and I couldn't run. Damn, another injury, another set back!!!! But, this was a blessing in disguise (well, I guess) because I started using the Elliptical on a daily basis, increased my water aerobic classes for 4x a week, and increased my time on the spinning bike. All of which have done a wonderful job keeping my cardio up!

I'm back to running, but am taking my time w/distance, number of days running, etc. My knee still hurts a little (mostly my IT band and hip) and I do plan to go to a knee doc at some point.

Long story short, I dropped down to the half at Cowtown----I think smart doing on my part. Next full will be Nashville in April and I don't want to miss that one!!!!

Hopefully I can do a better job keeping my blog up-to-date! One more thing---here's a pic of the spinning bike I bought for myself as a present when I left Air Force active duty life (hey, I spent 6 1/2 yrs on active duty, doesn't that call for a parting gift??!!) Should arrive this week, I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!