Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am recovering fast and well from the Chicago marathon! I didn't run for a few days after coming home, which felt great because I had no desire to run. I spent the remainder of the week running low miles (3-5 each time I ran) and spent time swimming, and doing other cross training activities. I realize each marathon recovery is always different and I'm very fortunate this one went so smoothly :)

I know I promised pictures and a full race report....but, please be patient with me. My aunt took the pictures and I'm waiting for her to send them to me. There are some from marathon foto and I'll post them as soon as possible. I have been keeping extremely busy with my embalming and funeral directing classes and all the case studies that go along with it. But, don't get me wrong.....I'm really enjoying every second of my training for my new career!!!!

I also had Air Force Reserve Drill this weekend, so that consumed all of my Saturday and Sunday.

Monday it's back to marathon training because I've decided to run the Mountain Home, AR marathon on 15 Nov as a training run for my upcoming ultra marathon. I know.....I'm either crazy or a glutten for punishment.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicago Marathon a memory now

It's official......the Chicago marathon is just another one to place in my memory book. All the running stars were aligned for me yesterday, as I had my best marathon yet!!!! Not just w/my finishing time---my feet felt good, my knees/IT band didn't bother me, the weather was warmer (starting temp was 62 and I believe finishing temp was around 84)....which is my preferred running temps. My Mom and 2 Aunts did an awesome job trying (and succeeding) w/meeting me on the course (and taking pictures)!!!

Finishing time was 4:29:15 w/a 10:16 pace and I placed 12,341 overall out of 31,401 finishers!!!

I feel pretty darn good for just running a marathon yesterday. But, who knows---I might be sore tomorrow since it always hits me 2 days after. I did stretch before/after the marathon, took my anti-inflammatory's on schedule, used my biofreeze, etc, so maybe that combination worked for me.

I have no desire to run at this planning a short run w/Cheryl on Wednesday. In the meantime, I will go to sculpting/spinning/water aerobics class (I have to do something!!!!).

Pictures and more race report to follow.

And I will also announce the date of my next marathon.....stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chicago Marathon Countdown: 2 days 20 hours 44 minutes

And I'm ready to take Chicago on!!!! My training has gone well and has been very consistent (although this taper is killing me....doesn't it do that to everyone!!??). I'm really looking forward to seeing my Mom, two of my Aunt's, and my cousin. I fly out tomorrow at 1:30pm and it's a direct it! Lots to do before I leave though.

Tomorrow will be my last run before the Sunday marathon. It'll be 4 miles and I plan to run w/Cheryl. This is the part that scares me....I start to think, "how will you be able to go from 4 miles to 26.2 miles just two days later!!!?" I think this way every marathon, it never fails.

Will be taking my camera, so check back for my race report and pictures!!!!